Moving Pictures

I love taking pictures. It is a passion of mine. I have to capture every special moment in a photo. I like to see other people’s pictures as well. I also like to think what is behind the picture, why did they choose that place and what was happening at that moment.

I risk my life everyday just to capture a moment in a picture. You see, I take pictures while riding my road bicycle with the Cycling club. Did I mention that sometimes we are riding 35 MPH or more and If i see something that got my attention, I will reach behind my back where I keep my small Sonny HD 1080 Cybershot Camera in the right pocket of my cycling shirt and snap a picture of something cool like my fellow cyclists riding or urinating.
I warn them about my obsession before I take the picture, but I think they know that by now. I took the above picture without even looking. I was still riding and i heard them talking about the “pee stop”. They slow down and I immediately grabbed my camera from my back packet, put the camera on my right shoulder for stabilization and snapped, got my picture. Is been taking me few months of practice to be able to do that. I don’t recommend it unless you are willing to crash.
In fact, I don’t recommend taking pictures or eating bananas while you are riding your bicycle. That is a picture of one of our fellow cyclist who recently crashed while eating a banana on a rainy day. Who would have thought that eating a banana can be this dangerous!? He actually fractured his acetabulum (hip socket) in many pieces. He gave up on bananas, thank goodness!

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5 Responses to Moving Pictures

  1. enoel says:

    You should try mountain biking. You can eat all kinds of fruits and if you fall down you wont get hurt that much.

  2. Oh my goodness! Eating a banana. Poor guy! I can’t even grab for my water while riding. You, my friend, are talented.

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