“If you look like the passport picture, you probably need the trip.” Alaska, take me away!

In less than 24 hours, we will be arriving to a place that I’ve been longing to see for 50 years! To prepare, we have watched countless episodes of Life Below Zero on Netflix. The more I watch, the more I wonder if I should take my camping gear instead. It has taken us months of preparation for this trip.  I got my winter jacket, my gloves, my hat, my new Canon 5D Mark iii with all the lenses, memory cards and my hiking boots. I think I am ready! Hoping I can buy the Alaskan Ulu knife when I get there. I almost ordered it on Amazon but wasn’t sure if the Airport Security would let me pass it. After all, I have all my toiletry in a plastic clear bag.

Natalia’s expectations:

She is very excited about this trip. But I have hidden from her, all that I learned from Life Below Zero. She doesn’t know that there might be grizzly bears chasing her, she doesn’t know that they eat Russian rats (Muskrats) not just salmon and she doesn’t know that most people have red foxes as pets, not just Alaskan Husky. I am praying she doesn’t get too mad at me.
I better get going here. I haven’t had the chance to practice shooting my rifle in case we encounter a grizzly or a caribou. Because it is a remote area, we don’t know where or when we will find our next meal.

Pray for us!

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