Up for 25 hrs and counting…Alaska…

I was up before 4:00 am this morning to get ready to drive to Atlanta to take the plane that will take us to a place that I have longed for so long to visit. The plane was a Boeing 757, with tons of movies to choose from. I was on introvert heaven.  After a 7 hours plane ride,  numb legs and numb  butt  (Next time, must wear compression socks) ,  we landed on Anchorage. First thing Natalia says to me, “Mom, look there is a big city here, we are going to have stores and bathrooms.!”    I don’t remember when I told her that we weren’t. 348A1480

The photo above was taken at 10:00 PM, from our hotel window, the Sheraton in Downtown. We were welcomed by the Chugach Mountains and a moose.  I cried. I couldn’t believe I was finally here.

We took a taxi and headed to our Sheraton hotel in downtown. By the grace of God, we survived a 20 mins drive in a sardine can.  Do not attempt to get 6 people with 7 luggages into a taxi ever again. It was epic but we laughed.

The dinner was provided by the famous Humpy’s Alaskan Alehouse and all of their fish is fresh. To make things more amazing,  their TV’s had the Tour Of California on.

It’s almost midnight, here in Anchorage, Alaska, my brain is fried. I need sleep. I can still see the sun.


11:30PM Downtown Anchorage May 20th, 2017


Over and out.


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4 Responses to Up for 25 hrs and counting…Alaska…

  1. Arys Franco says:

    how exiting is this trip Varinka

  2. Arys Franco says:

    how exiting is this trip Varinka. I WISH could be there

  3. Pete says:

    Welcome to the land of the midnight sun. I hope you do venture out past the “stores and bathrooms” your daughter mentioned and find the real Alaska.

    • varinkaw says:

      Thanks! I like that “the midnight sun”. I’ll be using that if you don’t mind! I have watched Life below Zero I know the real Alaska! 😂.

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