Alaska Day 2 Priorities 


Laughing until peeing in my pants kind of day. Well, almost. (I took care of that problem years ago when I had cancer and they had to remove all my “woman parts) but I could have peed in my pants.

No, it was not because of the friendly people here in Alaska, or the amazing coffee that they serve everywhere in Anchorage. Or when we were leaving with rental van from Avis car lot, Gordon started driving the wrong way on a One Way street, not once, but a couple of times. Or after seeing the faces of the people that were looking at us, doing sign Languages trying to tell us that we were about to died. Although, that was also priceless.

FullSizeRender 7

After spending the whole day, in my dream state, seeing gorgeous mountains with snow tops, rivers, ocean, waterfalls, enjoying all that God has created, I have to say that dinner with my family, my mother in law and her husband was the most fulfilled, fun time of the day. We cracked jokes, we laughed loud, we ate a bunch, and we cried laughing.
God made us for relationships, God made us to love each other. God made us to enjoy all that he has created. And we are!
Love Alaska

But love my family more!

Family in Alaska

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