Resurrection Day – Alaska Day 3

There was a Russian captain that was in a very bad storm and was forced to retreat into the bay in the Golf of Alaska. When the storm settled it was Easter Sunday so the bay and nearby Resurrection River were named in honor of it.

And that is where our third day started.   As I type this, I am a day behind, I have been caught up in the exictement of our Alaska adventure!

The Boat at the Holgate Glacier

At the Holgate Glacier 

We spent the entire afternoon riding a tour boat around Resurrection Bay.  Just 10 minutes into the journey we encountered a pod of Killer Whales (Orcas).  Living in East Tennessee just doesn’t prepare you for the shock and thrill of seeing so large an animal come up out of the water and then dive again.  The ocean here must be full of them, because we saw them almost immediately upon starting our tour.  For the next several hours we had one surprise after another.  Approaching rocks jutting out of the water we saw a small colony of Stellar sea lions.  The large male had a harem surrounding him as he raised his head into the air, his body dwarfing all the females.  We then entered another fjord (a narrow, deep bay carved by a glacier), where we encountered humpback whales that would come to the surface and we could see their spouts from their blow holes, the curve of their back, and a few times the tail waving at us as they dove.  A special treat greeted us later as we saw a Killer Whale breech (jumping out of the water showing his entire body).  Too quick to capture on a photo but still very amazing.  At the foot of Holgate glacier, we saw a Black bear walking along the shore and Harbor seals lying on shards of ice.  Bald Eagles, Tufted puffins, seagulls, and other animals surrounded us almost everywhere we went.

God’s creation is amazing and we were able to see a bunch of animals and amazing scenery in a short time that we have never seen in the wild in our lives.

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